Waitress Service


Waitress service will include (but not limited to)


*  Set up your buffet/dining area

*  Heat and Serve hors d'oeuvres

*  Set-up and clean-up of chips and appetizers

*  Serve and/or monitor the Buffet

*  Clean-up after the meal

*   Wrap left-over’s  and breakdown buffet

*   Clean and remove trash throughout the party

*   Set-up of Coffee/Cake & Dessert

*   Clean-up after dessert



Bartenders are full-service bartenders and will assist you prior to your event to make sure you have all the items you need to make any drinks you require.  They can help you make a bar menu as well as a signature drink for your party at no extra charge. 

BBQ Grillers

BBQ Grillers  will use your grill to cook the foods provided.  Basic grilling to include Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Kabobs, Chicken, Ribs and Sausauge.  If you are having a more complicated menue please let us know and we will provide the proper Grill Chef.

Serving all types of party on Long Island, NY

Professional & Friendly Staff


Our staff is the best around. Our waitresses are always smiling and helpful to our host & guests. Our bartenders are professional full service mixologists. We also offer bus staff for an extra set of hands.

Party Tips &

Vendor Referrals


Ask us party planning questions or for info about party vendors on Long Island.  We are extremely knowledgable with over 30 yrs experience in catering

on Long Island

Our Commitment


Our clients should always feel like

A Guests At Their Own Party.

We will do all of the set-up, serving and clean-up so you can relax and

enjoy your event. Masks & Gloves are worn at all events.  Our entire staff practices safe and sanitary procedures and adheres to all Covid 19 regulations. 

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