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Over 30 years of catering experience

Hi I am Christine Michele. I have been in the catering business on Long Island  since 1982.  I have worked as a DJ/MC, Maitre D’, Catering Waitress, Hostess and almost any other job you can think of at an events company and catering halls.


I started Leave It To Me Waitress Service & Event Planning to help hosts and hostesses enjoy their parties.  How much preparation goes into planning an event or party?  The event comes along, and you are so busy running around, you blink, and the party is all over.  You didn’t get to talk to anyone, you didn’t get to eat, and now you are exhausted.  That’s where we come in.


My philosophy is that when you hire Leave It To Me Waitress Service & Event Planning, myself and my staff are going to take care of every detail of your party.  Many of my staff are family members, and if they are not, they are seasoned waitresses.  We can handle any type of event small or large. We are the workers; you are the Guest. 



We Do All the Work So That You Can Be A Guest At Your Own Party…


That’s not just a marketing line, that’s how I run my business.  If you are going to hire us, then we are going to work.  There is nothing you need to do but go socialize with your guests and have a good time.  We will set-up, serve and clean-up and you won’t even know we are there.  I had a host tell me once I was like a Ninja.  He looked and there was nothing set-up, next thing he knew the buffet was all set and we were serving, he looked again, dessert was out, he looked again, and his kitchen was all clean.  He couldn’t believe it.  But that’s why we are called Leave It To Me Waitress Service.  

All of our events are customized with our clients in mind. We work within your budget to create the event of your dreams. I was in corporate America for almost 40 years and can create and run any type of Corporate Events.  My vision for our clients is that your event will be remembered by you and your guests for a long time. I treat it like it is my own wedding, party or corporate event. 

Meet Christine Michele,
Owner/Operator of Leave It To Me Waitress Service....
Our staff adheres to Covid 19 regulations for cleaning, sanitizing, and social distancing.  They wear masks and gloves at all event.  There are no penalties to cancel or change dates
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