How to Host a Fabulous Party!!!

General Party Tips


·Please remember when making your own food to place in Ziti sized pans or they will not fit in the water trays


·       When appetizers or food needs to be heated please make sure temperatures and times are close to each other and that you leave enough time to heat them.  Keep in mind how many ovens you have and how long it will take to heat food


·       When bringing in home cooked food, make sure it arrives hot.  Sterno’s do not heat food it only keeps it warm.  

If you plan on heating at venue make sure you have enough ovens and that temperatures needed to cook different foods are the same


· Keep the number of entrees to four to five.  More than that is way too many choices.  People will try a little of everything,  quantity over choice is best

Things to bring to a hall or venue

  •   Sterno's/Racks

  •      Paper Towels (if not at the hall)

  •      Big Knife to Cut the cake

  •      Knife if needed to cut bread or          slice meat

  •      Scotch Tape

  •      Birthday Candles

  •      7 “ Cake Plates for                           dessert or appetizers if you are      having them

  •      Napkins for dinner, dessert          and appetizers if applicable

  •     Plastic Silver ware (enough for    dinner & dessert)

  •     Tin Foil

  •     Containers for your leftover       (Zip lock bags, plastic or tin containers..           something to bring food home in)

  •     Ketchup & Mustard if having           Kid’s food, hot dogs or other        items requiring condiments

  •      Coffee Cups

  •      Stirrers or plastic spoons for          coffee

  •      Tea bags if you want Tea

  •      Regular and/or Decaf Coffee

  •      Coffee Urn(if you need to                  supply)

  •      Serving Utensils

  •      Salad Dressings (if applicable)

  •      Garbage Bags(if needed)



Here are some great things to consider at your next party or event:

Popcorn Bar

Serve flavored popcorns: butter, cheese, caramel etc. Also provide popcorn shaker flavors and white or dark chocolate drizzle. Let’s guests fill paper popcorn cups like those served at the movies

Hot Chocolate Bar

Make Hot Chocolate serve in Thermos or decanters.  Fixin bar to include marshmallows, different whips creams and various flavored syrups 


 Sundae Bar

You can go from simple to elaborate serving different types of ice cream, syrups, toppings, candies, whipped cream, cherries.. however   


Baked Potato Bar:

My favorite Potato bar the hostess served the backed potatoes wrapped in tin foil that when open it it became ;like a wrapper.  You can have a few or a ton of fixing for your potato bar

Hot Dog & Fixings Station

- put hot dogs in a crock pot to stay warm throughout the party.  On the side out an assortment of condiments and sides.  

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